Quality, environmental & occupational health and safety policy


Core competencies

We undertake complex system projects all around the globe with our conscientious, competent, and innovative employee teams. We are continuously improving our core competencies, which are:

  • Planning and developing turnkey material flow systems and automation and custom equipment for industrial cargo and bulk good handling
  • Engineering, detailed design, feasibility studies, and risk analyses
  • Production, including prototype construction and test installations
  • Project and construction site management, installation and commissioning, production support, and employee training
  • Service (spare parts service, system diagnostics and inspections, preventative maintenance, on-site repairs, and refurbishment and modernizing of old systems)

Industry 4.0

Product development, production, and planning: three processes that need to be combined more quickly and intensively than ever before – yet while also using resources more efficiently. Within Research and Development, remote analysis of system usage is the basis of product development; in the Purchasing department, spare parts or consumables are automatically ordered by machine-to-machine communication. The Production department networks individual machines and production systems, while in the Service department, “predictive maintenance” is used for sensor-based remote evaluation of operational states and determining optimal maintenance intervals.

SFI offers support in all of these areas, beginning with consultation and planning, through to developing and installing the system. As part of this, complex systems can be installed and commissioned in advance. This means we can validate the processes together with the customer.

Business units

SFI GmbH has five business units, which cover just about every production and industrial sector:

  • Automotive: final assembly of cars, shell construction, feeding, paint, sheet metal offcuts
  • Heavy industry: trucks, construction & agricultural machines; engine manufacture; steel & paper industries
  • Bulk goods: construction and raw materials industries
  • Special systems: saponification belts; AGV systems; logistics systems
  • Service: system modifications; customer service; spare parts service


  • Open culture
  • Diversity
  • Tradition
  • Down-to-earth mentality
  • Quality
  • Customer proximity
  • Reliability


  • Cutting-edge innovation
  • Customer orientation
  • Profitable growth
  • Developing new markets
  • Integrity, respect, collaboration