Since 2010

Establishment and expansion of global activities as part of the SFI Group with foreign subsidiaries


Takeover of the assets, operative business, and employees of the company by SFI Stotz Fredenhagen Industries GmbH


Stotz Fördersysteme GmbH takes over the shares of Fredenhagen GmbH & Co. KG

1983 to 1984

Construction of the first STOTZ “FTS” driverless transport system and STOTZ test pallet conveyor system

1937 to 1980

Construction of the first STOTZ monorail conveyor system, STOTZ skid conveyor system, and STOTZ electric monorail system


Conversion of the company into an stock corporation, A. Stotz AG, which existed until 1981


Relocation to a newly built factory in Kornwestheim


Founding of the first factory for forgeable steel, in Stuttgart – A. STOTZ by Councilor of Commerce Albert STOTZ, pioneer of foundry technology Albert Stotz